About Me

Hello and Welcome! I’m Robert Salas, Founder/Editor of Grey Wolf Publications. I am a local journalist who just wants to provide the good people of New Mexico with relevant and fact-based news and culture stories to enrich our community. I am a true son of New Mexico and care deeply about the well being of the state and its citizens.

As for my credentials, I am a graduate of the University of New Mexico’s Multimedia Journalism program. I reported for the Daily Lobo, a student-produced weekly news paper, for the duration of my collegiate career. I also worked as a Reporting Fellow for New Mexico In Depth, a digital-first, non-profit journalism outlet based in Albuquerque. I’ve reported on a multitude of issues pertaining to New Mexican communities including: cannabis legislation, higher-education, indigenous people’s rights issues and the UNM School of Law.

I am passionate about New Mexican culture, especially the craft beer scene! I am an avid outdoors adventurer and fitness enthusiast. I love to hike, bike, trail run, climb and body build whenever I can. Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell. If you have any questions regarding Grey Wolf or myself please contact me at greywolfpublications@gmail.com.