ABQ from the eyes of Grey Wolf: A mini photo-essay.

At Grey Wolf, we pride ourselves on having an eye for great photography. We examine the subject, composition and lighting of every photograph we publish. We take the education and principles of photography very seriously. Although taken with an I Phone, here are a few unprocessed photos we liked of the good old ‘Burque.

Sunset at Pino
Taken from Pino Trail in the Foothills of the Sandia Mountains.
Thundercloud Campus
Taken at the University of New Mexico from Johnson Field.
Peaky Watermelon
Albuquerque sky during a summer downpour.
Industrial Sunset
View of Barelas District in Albuquerque.
Zimmerman Rave
A “silent’ rave happens at Zimmerman Library.
Winter is Coming
Winter is coming for Albuquerque.
Embudito Trail
The steep foothills of the Sandias.

We hope you enjoyed this mini photo-essay! Lookout for more photo projects from Grey Wolf!

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